About Allrainbowescorts

Allrainbowescorts is one such online services, which allows the members to establish custom advertisements for show in directory of adult entertainment. As a result, our members are able to see each other’s profiles, have communication with their colleagues and develop new relationships with new friends available on the service, do posting of their journals, enjoy sharing of photos, express their comments and give a description of their interests. For enriching the experience of the members, we make request and show some personal information to other visitors and members that allows our users to recognize other and have expansion of their friend circle. Our members are able to alter the information of their profiles at any time and take control of how other members have communication with them. We take care of their online privacy gravely. If any doubts persist in your mind regarding privacy policy then feel free to contact us at help@Allrainbowescorts.me.

Information and steps adopted by Allrainbowescorts

We gather user-submitted information – name, address, email and age – for authentication of users and sending notification to those users, who are associated with our services. We gather profile data – gender, education, personal interests, age and occupation for assisting users to find and communicate with each other.

We also log non-personally-identifiable information that includes profile information, browser type, aggregate user data and IP address from visitors and users of the site. This particular data is also used for management of the website, tracking usage and improving the services of the website. This information is also sharable with the third parties for proffering more relevant and advertisements and services to the members. IP addresses of users are recorded for monitoring purpose and security.

Directing listing information and profile information that includes usernames and pictures of the members are shown to people for facilitating interaction of user in the community of Allrainbowescorts. Email addresses are used to invite new friends to join us, for adding uses to the network of their friends and sending notifications associated with the service. With the exception of notifications, adding friends and inviting friends, the email addresses of the users are not displayed or shared to people just within the personal network of the users. Users lying just within a personal network are able to have communication on our site with each other with the help our service without showing their email addresses. The full names of the users are not made known to other members.

Every now and then, Allrainbowescorts or a partner can give rise to a promotion, contest or sweepstake on us. Users may be told to give their personal information that includes name, home address, email address or give answers to the questions for participation. We can transfer personal information to certain ad partners whom you have made request for receiving information. It will be crystal at the time of collection, who is gathering personal information and whose statement of privacy will be applicable.

Usage of Cookies

Allrainbowescorts makes use of cookies for storage of preferences of the visitors and recording session information also for purposes including making sure that visitors are not continuously proffered the same advertisements and customizing advertising, customize newsletter and web page content based on user profile information and browser type. We do not do linking of the information that we collect in cookies to any personally recognizable information that you submit on your site. You will not be allowed to configure your browser for accepting or rejecting either some or all cookies or inform you when such a cookie is established. Since each browser is different, you need to check the ‘Help’ menu to know how to alter your choices about cookie. Nevertheless, you must allow cookies from us for using most of the functions provided on the site. You need to take notice that we let the advertisers of the third party, who are presenting advertisements on our pages for setting and accessing cookies on your computer. Use of cookies of the advertisers follows their personal privacy policies and not our private policy.


Allrainbowescorts has links to its sites. We do not hold responsibility for the practices on other sites and private policies. While linking to another site, you should go through the private policy mentioned on that particular site. Remember that our privacy policy only take care of the information gathered on our site such as Public Forums, Directory Listings, Message Boards, Journals and WebLogs and Chat Rooms. Be warned that whenever you willingly post public information to Classifieds, Message Boards, Website Blogs, Journals or any other Public Forums, they are likely to be accessed people and in turn can be used by them for sending you unsolicited communications.

Rectifying, updating or eliminating information

Our users may change or eliminate any of their personal information any time just accessing their account through logging and altering features.


The account details of Allrainbowescorts members are kept safe and secure through passwords. We take necessary steps to make sure that the account information of the member is kept under utmost privacy. We adopt suitable measures for giving protection to the information of the member which is stored just within our database. And, we do not give access of member information to those employees, who are in the need of the access for performing their job functions such as, technical information and customer service personnel. You need to take heed that we fail to give guarantee of the security of member account information. Software or hardware failure, illegal entry or use and several other factors is allowed to make compromise with the security of member information at any specified time. For any extra information regarding the security measures, we do make use of our website. We are contactable at help@Allrainbowescorts.me

Disclosure and sharing of information of Allrainbowescorts

We do not reveal personal information to any party unless and until it is felt that such a disclosure is important:

  1. 1) to fulfil the legal requirements or give response to search warrant, subpoena or any other legal process by us, whether there is requirement of the response by law or not.
  2. 2) To put into effect the terms of use agreement of Allrainbowescorts or to give protection to our rights.
  3. 3) To give protection to the safety and security of the users of the service and the public members. We have the right to transfer your personal information to a successor, who has the rights to that particular information as a result of the sale of Allrainbowescorts In order to seek more information, you can through our Changes in Our Privacy Policy, which is mentioned below:

Alternations made in our privacy policy

Every now and then, we may adopt certain alterations in our privacy policy. When we make such alterations, we post them on the sites in order to make the users aware of what such alterations so that users come to know about the information that we gather, how we make use of it and when we disclose it. A user has to abide by any minor alterations made to the policy when he or she makes use of the site after those alterations have been posted. Nevertheless, if we use personal identifiable information of the users in such a fashion which is contrary to the one explained at the time of collection then we give information by giving such a notice on our website for a month.

Accessing the website

If any doubts persist in your mind regarding privacy statement, your dealings with this website or practices of this site, then feel free to contact us at help@Allrainbowescorts.me.