Terms of use

Allrainbowescorts is one such service, which let its viewers make their distinctive directory listings and profiles online for having communication with their both new and old customers and comrades. We operate this wonderful service. By making use of our website, you abide by the rules and regulations of this binding agreement, whether you are registered as a member or not. If you feel interested in becoming its member in order to have communication with other members and use the services of Allrainbowescorts, then you are requested to make yourself familiar with this particular agreement and testify your approval by chewing on the instructions mentioned in the process of registration.

This particular Agreement lays emphasis on the legal terms and conditions meant for your personal usage of the website and the membership you enjoy in the service. Allrainbowescorts is entitled to make alteration to this Agreement every now and then and such an alteration shall come into effect after posting made on the website by us. You are bound to abide by any alterations made to this Agreement when you start using the services after such alteration is posted. Our policy is included in this Agreement for satisfactory usage and content posted on this website, your obligations, rights and restrictions about your usage of the website and the service and our privacy policy. You will get a copy of this Agreement by sending us email at: help@Allrainbowescorts.me. In the ‘subject’, you may write ‘Terms of Use Agreement.’

You are requested to choose the information very carefully that you post on us and also that you proffer to other members. Your Allrainbowescorts profile may not consist of any photographs containing anything which is violent, illegal or derogatory thing. Information given by our members (for example, in their directory listing or profile) may include offensive, inappropriate or inaccurate services, products or materials and we take no liability or responsibility for such material.

We have the right and discretion to post, refuse, reject or remove any posting even including email by you or suspend, terminate or restrict your access to any or all parts of the services or website at any time for any or no reasons without or with prior notice and with no such liability.

By taking part in any offline event of Allrainbowescorts, you give your consent to retain and free us from all and any claims, rights, damages, loses and actions of any kind including property damage, death, personal injuries either indirectly or directly associated with or cropping from your taking part in any such offline event of ours.

Eligibility: Where there is prohibition, membership in the service remains null and void. By making use of the website and its services, you show and give a warranty that all the information of registration that you give is true and you give your consent to retain the accuracy of such information. Moreover, you show and give a warranty that you are at least 18 or above this age and that your usage of the Allrainbowescorts shall not cause any violation to any applicable regulation or law. Remember that you are not giving your real age, then your profile is likely to be deleted without giving any warning to us. Bear mind that your membership is just meant for your personal usage and you shall not deem to give authority to others for usage of your accounts that includes your email address or profile. You are absolutely responsible for all the contents displayed or published, including any email messages and for your personal relationships with other members.

Proprietary Rights in Content on Allrainbowescorts: We have all the proprietary rights in the service and website. This website has copyrighted trademarks, material and much other proprietary information pertaining to us and our licensors. Except the information which lies in the public domain or for which you have been permitted in written, you may not be allowed to publish, modify, copy, display, perform, transmit, distribute or make sale of any such proprietary information.

Content Posted on the Site: a) You give your consent that Allrainbowescorts may check and delete any messages, content, messenger messages of ours, directory listings or profiles which in the sole judgment of ours to breach this agreement or which could be illegal, offensive or breach the rights, threaten or cause harm to the safety and security of any member. b) You are fully responsible for the content which you display or publish on any material or service or information which you give to your other members. This license will terminate at the time you remove such Content from the Website. You represent and warrant that: c) By posting any such content to the Websites’ public areas, you give authority to Allrainbowescorts the fully paid, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use and display and perform such content publicly on the website. This license will be terminated at such a time when you remove such content from the website. You show and give warranty that: (i) You are the master of the content that you have posted on the website or have the right to give the license in this section. And (ii) Your content does not cause the violation to the copyright rights, publicity rights, privacy rights or any other intellectual property rights of any individual. d) The following is a part of the list of the kind of content which is prohibited or illegal on this website. We have has the right for investigation and taking suitable legal actions against any individual who cause violation to this provision, including with no limitation, eliminating the offending communication from the service and terminating the violators of membership. The content which is prohibited includes content that:

1) is very offensive and give promotion to racism, hatred, bigotry or any kind of physical harm caused against any individual or group

2) causes harassment or promotes harassment of another individual

3) involves the transmission of spamming, unsolicited mass mailing, chain letters or junk mail.

4) Dissipates information which you consider as misleading or false or causes dissipation of illegal conduct or activities, which is defamatory, vulgar, chiding, or abusive.

5) Gives promotion of unauthorized or illegal copy of copyrighted work of another individual such as providing pirated links or computer programs to them, thereby proffering information for circumventing devices of manufacture-installed copy-protect or offering pirated links or music to pirated music files

6) Contains hidden images or pages, or password access pages only

7) Makes available the materials which exploit people below the age of 18 in a violent or sexual manner or gets individual information from anyone, who is below the age of 18 years.

8) Gives instructional information regarding illegal activities – purchasing or making illegal weapons, breaching privacy of someone or creating or proffering computer viruses.

9) Seeks personal information or passwords for unlawful or commercial purposes from other users.

10) Inclusion of sales or commercial activities such as without prior written permission - pyramid schemes, advertising, barter, sweepstakes or contests.

11) For directory listings, usages of any deceptive, misleading or unfair content which is meant to generate a huge traffic to the profile.

e) You must make use of the service consistent with any or all applicable laws and regulations. f) You may not be allowed to include any email addresses, URLs, last names, street addresses or telephone numbers. g) You will not be allowed in solicitation or advertising of any member to purchase or sell any services or products through the Service. You may not cause transmission of any chain junk email or chain letters to other members. Though Allrainbowescorts cannot control the conduct of its members off the website, it is just a breach of the rules to use any information sought from the service for harming, abusing or harassing another individual or for contacting, advertising or soliciting or sell to any member without their permission. For protecting out member from such solicitation or advertising, We have the right for causing restricting to many emails, which any member may send to other members in any 24-hour period to a number that Allrainbowescorts seems suitable in its discretion. h) You may not be able to obscure or cover the banner advertisements on your profile page or any page through CSS/HTML or any other sources. i) Any automated usage of the system such as usage of the scripts for adding friends is now allowed. j) You are not allowed to impersonate another person or user, who is not a member of ours. k) You may not be allowed to use username, account or password of another member at any time nor are you allowed to disclose your password to any third party or allow any third party to have access to your account. l) You may not be allowed to make sale and transfer your directory or profile listing.

Copyright Policy: You may not be allowed to reproduce, distribute or post any trademarks, material or any other information without prior permission of the proprietor of such proprietary rights. It is just the policy of ours to terminate privileges of membership of any member who violates the copyright upon the prompt notification of Allrainbowescorts by the legal agent of copyright owner or the copyright owner. In case, you suspect that there has been literary theft of your work and posted on the Service in such a way which constitutes copyright infringement, then you are requested to give the following information to your copyright agent: a physical or electronic signature of the individual, who is authorized to work on part of the proprietor, an explanation of the copyrighted work which you think has been violated; an explanation of where the material which you think is causing infringement is located on the website; your telephone number, address, and email address and a written statement of you that shows your good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the owner of the copyright, its agent, or the law, a statement by you made under penalty of perjury that the above information is right and that you are authorized to work on behalf of copyright owner. The Copyright Agent of Allrainbowescorts for notice of claims of copyright violation is accessible at help@Allrainbowescorts.me

Anti-cheating policy: Usage of any illegal programs of third party that includes bots, scripts cheats, hacks and automation programs which have interaction with Allrainbowescorts in an way including any illegal third party programs, which redirect, emulate or intercept any communication between us and XXX is strictly prohibited. We will adopt suitable measures that include account deletion and termination for protection the spirit and integrity of Allrainbowescorts if we ponder over the activity of prohibition. We are allowed to charge additionally the certain amount in USD for the feasible damages that disallowed activity could have done to our business.

Member Disputes: You will be fully responsible for having your communication with other members of Allrainbowescorts. We enjoy the right but without obligation to look after disputes between members and you.

Privacy: Usage of the service or the website is also looked after by our privacy policy.

Disclaimers: We do not holds its responsibility for any wrong content posted on the website or in relation to the service provided whether they are caused by the users of the members, website or by any of the programming or the equipment related to or used in the service. We also do not hold its responsibility for the conduct whether going offline or online of any user of the member or website of the service. We also do not hold responsibility for any delay, defect, omission, interruption, deletion or any error in transmission or operation, communication line failure, destruction or theft or alteration of any member or user communication. Allrainbowescorts is also not responsible for any technical problems of any software, computer equipment, servers or providers, computer online systems, telephone network or lines or any damage or injury to members or users to any individual’s computer-related or resulting from downloading materials in relation with the website or in connection with the service. We will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any damage or loss including death or personal injury, resulting from the usage of the website or from the content posted on the website or transmitted to members or any communications between users of the website whether offline or online. The service and the website are provided AS-IS" and we do not claim any warranty of fitness for non-infringement. We do not promise or guarantee any certain result from the usage of the service or the website.

Limitation on liability: Allrainbowescorts will not be liable to any third party under any condition for any punitive damages, incidental, special, exemplary, consequential or any lost profit damages cropping up from your use of the service or the website even if we have been given advice of the probability of such damages. However, if there is something contrary to the things contained therein. We give you liability for any such reasons, irrespective of the type of action.

Indemnity: You are deemed to indemnify and hold subsidiaries, agents, officers, affiliates of Allrainbowescorts and also other employees and partners, regardless of any demand, claim, and liability.

Other: This Agreement is acceptable on your use and is affirmed on your becoming a permanent member of this service. It makes the whole agreement between us and you about the usage of the service and website. The failure of We enforce or execute any provision or right of this Agreement shall cease to work as a waiver of any provision or right. The section titles of this agreement are meant for suitability and convenience and do not have any contractual or legal effect. You are free cont contact us with any queries about this agreement. Allrainbowescorts is one such trademark of XXX. I have gone through the agreement and abide by all the provisions mentioned above.